Shaman Festival 2017 Photos and Videos

Mother Earth 3rd Shaman Festival successfully organized in Terelj National Park in Mongolia.
Here is short video about what we done together. Please share your culture with others and spread it to the world for better world. 

Shaman Festival 2017


Mongol Tenger Unen Association announces
3rd Shaman Festival 2017 that take place
in June 21, 22 in beautiful nature Terelj of

Hundreds of shamans will share their knowledge, experience, talent and rituals with others. Various culture, tradition and rituals will be performed during festival. This festival will be opportunity to learn broad knowledge from various tradition, get shamanic healings, participate in various ceremonies, watch dance and music performance for all participants.


Here is the link to download Mother Earth Shaman Festival 2017 Program.

Videos 2015 (Shaman Festival 2015)

The Mother Earth International Conference

The Mother Earth Shaman Festival

Naadam Festival

Mongolian Traditional Dance

Mongolian Shaman Tai Sono Presentation about Air Water and Soul. 

Mother Earth masked performance